Chris Kaminsky

I’ve always been fascinated with learning how things work and creating things from scratch. Whether it was building a Lego robot as a kid or learning how to work on cars from my dad when I was a bit older the world has always inspired me to be a maker.

Over the past year I have really taken to 3D printing technology and what you can do with it. At home we have a couple printers and a 3rd on the way!  I am always finding solutions to problems at home that I can solve with my printer and by now my friends are probably sick of always receiving 3D printed gifts from me for Christmas and birthdays.

I have been with the same girl since 2003 and we have been married since 2014 and I couldn’t be happier. We were made for each other! We are both nerds and love to go to comic cons, play video games together and just in general geek out. Recently she has taken to 3D printing and then painting the prints! Head on over to Amber’s site to see what cool stuff she is into! 

2017 Lansing Mini Maker Faire - April (38)