Grand Rapids Comic Con – Magneto Cosplay

So this year for the Grand Rapids Comic Con (GRCC)I wanted to do some sort of a cosplay because we’ve gone to Cons but we have never really dressed up. It started out with grand plans about 10 months ago when I bought a couple packs of these foam exercise mats on sale from Aldi’s. Our plan was to go as Destiny guardians. This task seemed hard as heck but made sense because of all the Destiny props we have. Anyways, it gets to be like 2 weeks before GRCC and I’m like…. crap. I haven’t done anything. What cool costume can I throw together? I settled on Magneto because I had seen the helmet someone designed on and I’ve always liked him as a bad guy.
The construction of the costume included both a 3D printed helm and foam as my chest armor. I wanted to keep this Magneto more to the modern version, as seen in Xmen: Days of Future Past. I also took some inspiration from other cosplayers that have done Magneto as well.
In order to cut the foam to a prop scale I used an old black t-shirt to mount the foam blocks to.
Magneto Cosplay (2)Magneto Cosplay (3)
I went to a local Goodwill and bought just some black dress pants along with black boots.
On Amazon I purchased some black rubber gloves and a long red undershirt.
The cape is just a generic “vampire” cape from a Halloween costume store.
In the Days of Future Past movie Magneto has these insignia on his cape so I drew them in OnShape and 3D printed them as well.
I also felt like Magneto needed something more so I drew and I-beam in OnShape an made it look bent. I printed that in halves, bondo’ed it together, and painted it to look like metal. I actually added this to Thingiverse’s contest.
Magneto Cosplay - I-beam.png
I actually had issues when printing off the helmet components. I scaled up some by 10% but forgot to do so with others and it was just a mess that ended with me rushing to print pieces off Friday night before the con. Once they were all done I put them together with auto bondo. I had to use blue tape to hold the general shape and apply bondo multiple times.
Then it was hole patching and sanding time! This was where I spent most of my night really…. At 1am when I was ready to airbrush I realized my airbrush was dirty and clogged! I had to run to a local Meijer to buy spray paint to finish it up. I plan on re-sanding and airbrushing later to make it look better though!
The end was a pretty good 1st cosplay if i don’t say so myself. 😀